Wednesday, August 8, 2012

rude person

i don't usually get mad. hmm.. i always try to be nice to the patient. However i found out that my temper has became worse since i worked at klinik kesihatan. i can still remember the first few weeks that i've started to work at the busy + crowded klinik kesihatan mengkibol, i would always smiled and been so polite to the patients. As i've read one article saying that one smile of yours can make another people happy for the whole day. But i can truly know that why my colleague that have been work there longer than me had a not-so-good attitude compared to mine. The patients are just so many! sometimes have to deal with counseling, or variety of request. You just can't have the smile hanging on the face all the time. So tired.
I know that i'm now talk to patients with less smile, less patience. Still i try to be polite. Sometimes my colleague will inform me that my voices are too loud. Well, with loud voice then only the poor-hearing/poor-understanding patient can truly understand what i mean.
There was a case happened in this morning. A pakcik came to take the medicine with a prescription. He said he was late to collect the medicine, as the tca written by us was 1/8, but he came today (8/8). Actually The prescription is only for one-month supplied medicine. But we were lack of simvastatin 20mg, so we still owed him(actually the patient is his wife) simvastatin 20mg for another 2 weeks. tca for doctor is 14/8. so basically i just need to supplied him 6-day simvastatin 20mg. However, he said all other medicines already finished. well, then i asked him, did you take the medicine as instructed/labeled? He started getting angry. i must say, i spoke at a very well-manner, very soft and polite tone. i don't understand why he wan to get angry. Then he started to say, "nak bagi bagi, tak mau bagi tak pe." bla bla bla.. and sound that he wan to make complain. 
sometimes, i just can't understand why people wan to be so easily annoyed. i really talk in a very well manner. Even after he started raised his voice and showed his bad attitude, i still replied softly. 
"kita makan apa yang u kasih. you ingat kita ni bodoh ke? tak tau makan ubat? sebenarnya kena datang 1/8, tapi sudah lambat. ubat sudah habis. nak kasih kasih, tak mau tak pe."
all i asked is only "did u take the medicine as ordered? how did u take the medicine?"
and the tca written 1/8 is only for simvastatin 20mg. all other medicines already fully supplied.
i'm so pissed off, although still talking politely to him, trying to explain the reason i ask.

ignorant people. rude people. crazy people.

he is not the one who take the medication. His wife is. 
He may not fully understand what the medication is. 
still wan to scold us and act like we're the one who're wrong.