Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary of investment in 2013

Never really been active in investment because of my active "spending". Never have extra money. I should really look seriously into this, as investment is a very important component for our future. 

Next year, hope to double up the money imbursed in the purchase of stock and double up the dividend received!.

RM4382.30 spent in the stock market in 2012.
RM9211.75 in 2013.
But sold out some stock and get back RM3104.04 in 2013.

Total dividend in 2012 was RM151.04.
Total dividend in 2013 was RM464.37.
Double up by 207%.
Next year is to double again.

Wish me luck!


I don't really care for my little baby this time. No "pantang" on eating. Eat whatever i wish to eat. Of course, i still avoid "cold" food like crabs. But i drink cold drinks. I just think that i can stay slim after giving birth. So i have no limit on oral intake. Eat whatever and whenever i would like to. This is the outcome. I start to easiy get bloated for this very last 2 month of my pregnancy. Oh no, the gastric pain is unbearable. Even can't fall sleep at night. T.T

Pregnancy is always accompanied with leg cramp, backache, lethargy and constipation. Always. Just have to bear with it.

Hope that she (he) would be a very healthy baby. God bless!