Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Car

I'm so into all new Ford Focus.
Previously, i thought i'm contented with my Myvi. I should not ask for more. A car is just a transport. Should not spend too much on it. Should not make our debt bigger. 
However, i found out that my car plate number is easy to remember.  i don't really like that. May i change a new car, with a random number that nobody will know that's my car? lol. Maybe that's deal with privacy. Or this is just an excuse to buy a new one? 
I don't think this is a good reason.
Actually i don't take care of my car well. It's dirty, stained by daughter's urine (ouch..). It has met some small accident. The outlook is not nice anymore. 
I simply don't take good care of it.
So.. i am thinking of a new car. 
Surf through all the car models. Not all, though. shortlisted some.
Ford Focus is on my list.
My budget should not be that high. 100k should be the maximum.
I went to the showroom with my husband. Ford Focus. real nice. The features really make us heart popping. Wow. It's so nice!
I like the interior design. The driver seat. The view is so nice.
The passenger is blocked by the drawer. have to move back the seat or else can't open the drawer.

I am so into Ford Focus!

Yesterday i went to parent's house. Mention about buying a new car to my dad. Telling him the car model and how many cc of the engine, last but not least the price. Yah, they start their talking. How expensive the car is. How much i would need to pay for downpayment and the loan every moth. I should save money for investment, for kids' studies.. A 70 - 80k japanese car would be enough. 2nd hand japanese car would be the best. bla bla bla..
OK, stop it.
I would not change a new car.
Ya, i'm a parent's girl.
So, no new car in my plan now.
Their words is always good for us.