Monday, July 1, 2019

One more trip

20 June 2019

For long i want to try solo trip. I love australia so much. Last year i've been to perth, this year sydney, next i wanna try melbourne.

So there comes this airasia sales. so.. yea, one day i wanna go melbourne, one day i wanna go solo trip. Air ticket bought.

I was quite puzzled about the date. Feb is too warm, March is just nice but there is kids school holiday, April more chill and daylight is shorter. Anyway, last i bought air tic for end apr.

Then this morning i dreamt of melbourne trip with my daughters. It was a dream. In reality, no way i would bring them. No budget. 
So in this dream, i brought them to one zoo, very kids-friendly and fun zoo. After that we have some meal. Last, i haven't book the accomodation. What? So in the dream i was surveying the hotel and airbnb. Before i could decide, the alarm rang. 

Such a wonderful dream about outing. Haha.

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