Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Eyebrow embroidery

Have been looking for good eyebrow embroidery. Wish to do mine.

Done one few years back. That was at one lady's home recommended by my mum-in-law. But it fades away with time.

Nowadays the popular type would be straight thick eyebrow, which was led by most Koran drama. But it indeed looked good! No more fine eyebrow. Those models or popular blogger mostly with thick eyebrow. I wish to do mine too.

Survey thorough the website. One recommended by the famous blogger, JaneChuck, located at Kota Damansara, Finesse House. It charges over RM1000 for one session plus one touch up. Seriously I considered it once. But you see, we stay at southern area. Too much to spent for an eyebrow embroidery.

Another one is located at Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah. Charges RM688 as promotion price. This one is quite popular also as the appointment date would be at least two weeks advanced. Still, I need to arrange my time for this.

Lastly my friend's sis did it. She owns a shop at Holiday Plaza named LUSH. RM380 promotion price now. However she can travel to customer's house. She charged me RM500 to come to my house located at Kluang. In the end this is the one I did. Save time, more convenient.
The photo taken two days after embroidery done. So it was still not natural. It takes up to one week to be the final one.

This is not the popular type now. The popular type would be one claimed to be 3D and more natural type. Anyway, I like the eyebrow shape she did for me. Exactly the one I want. But it was painful. Real pain. Luckily my session considered fast. I should have take painkiller before. Panadol will do. Lol. An advice to people who want to do, especially needle-technique eyebrow embroidery as they did not do anesthesia, to make it more natural. Different technique different procedure.

The one who do for me:
Eileen Gwee
LUSH, Holiday Plaza, JB

As for painkiller, panadol is one popular one, which is over-the-counter, where you no need to consult anybody before you take it. But of course, you need to take it according to the dose. Like any food, take more than suggested will cause toxicity. Moderation is the key. Actually panadol is the pioneer brand of paracetamol, which is produced by GSK company. The patent period has gone so there are several brand of paracetamol in the market, such as uphamol, fepril and etc. Only one manufacturer GSK company produce several type of paracetamol claimed to have different functions. So people gotta see the effect desired.

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